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 2021  zondag 21 februari was er een Dankdienst bij YASAP-Kupang voor Mama Marsa. Marsa is bijna 20 jaar kindertehuismoeder en manager van YASAP 'Ceria' op Timor geweest. Marsa heeft een stap teruggezet en mag nu van haar pensioen genieten.

Syukur Oma - Dankbaarheidsdienst voor Marsa

Brecht heeft de dankdienst gevolgd via Zoom met de liturgie die in het YASAP-gebouw is gehouden. De kinderen waren allemaal aanwezig en ook Ibu Dina met haar man en Stef en Deby. Sarah en Maria in Yogyakarta konden ook via Zoom de dienst volgen.

Er was een mooie Powerpoint gemaakt; Marsa was heel tevreden. Ook voor ons YASAP-Nederland. was het een mooie en goede afsluiting.


Maria is geslaagd voor haar scriptie Verpleegkunde. Maria van harte gefeliciteerd met dit prachtige succes.


2020   oktober - november    Motivatiebrieven van Maria en Sarah. om hun studie Verpleegkunde voort te kunnen zettten.


hello Mother and the Netherlands Yasap Management.
through this letter I am personally very grateful for the trust of the Dutch Mother and Board in me to continue my Nurse education.
From the bottom of my heart I really yearn to continue the Nurse and praise God for the opportunity to be given again so that with this commitment I have with this education I want to be a good nurse with a good diploma. and the motivation for completing this education is that I must become a person who can make my closest and dearest new ones in my environment, in my sense, with this education I long to finish quickly and care for people who have always sacrificed energy and time since I was a kid. Kindergarten until now have become students, their sacrifice means a lot to me. those people are Mother, Mama, Mrs. Debby, they who from my childhood always took the time to replace my parents who were no longer there. Now in my shadow I finish the kulia for them to be happy, finish the kulia and make them smile and cry happily.
because I come from a family whose family economy is difficult, so I have to be able to turn that difficulty into a joy and with this education and belief I have to really use my best without wasting Mother, the Dutch Governing Body and Yasap Kupang.
and personally once again to the governing body of the Dutch Yasap, thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending my material, time, thoughts and energy for my future, even though we only met you a few times but my love and affection are just like my love and affection for people my replacement elder. This is a little letter of my promise and my motivation, what apologies if my language is not good or offends my feelings.
and apologize for my english.🙏🙏🙏
love you all       Maria


Hello everyone,How are you? I hope everything is fine, especially in a Covid condition like this.I was very grateful when I was offered to continue with Nurse. I personally feel that a good education is indeed important for the future. and I am very grateful because I can be the one given the opportunity by God. I want to say from my heart that I really want to continue the nurse study in Yogyakarta and that is my wish. I will definitely finish it according to the time given, and do not want to make sacrifices for you, Mother and friends, as well as Mrs. Debby, Mama Marsa and Mama Alit, Mr. Stef, Ibu Cheryl and Pak Ron who have so much hope of us, I don't want to disappoint everyone. And because this is my dream and future. So I have to strive so that what God has given me through you, you can be a blessing for me and for others in the next life.I apologize if my English is not good, I will continue to learn to be more developed.With love    Sarah












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